Argentina / 1992 / Spanish

Directed by Martin Rejtman

With Ezequiel Cavia, Damián Dreyzik, Mirta Busnelli

Still from 'Rapado'Through lifeless city streets late at night, a young man named Lucio rushes on his motorcycle into the electric gloom. He stops and his passenger, the man whom he was giving a lift, pulls out a knife and tells him to hand over his wallet and shoes. That the robber will take the bike as well goes without saying. Resigned but not panicked, Lucio complies. He walks to the apartment of his friend Damian, who gives him shoes to wear that are too small, and for bus fare a counterfeit bill (with a cross-eyed presidente Uriburu on it). Obvious and not easily spendable, the fake bill stays with them for much of the film. After getting kicked off the bus Lucio walks back to a cubicle bedroom in his parents’ apartment. Read the rest of this entry »


Egypt / 1969 / Arabic

Directed by Shadi Abdel Salam

With Ahmed Marei, Ahmed Hegazi, Zouzou Hamdi

Still from 'The Night of Counting the Years'Ruins possess a degree of poignancy that is absent from their more preserved brethren, a sadness that is most immediate when one is within them, surrounded by their visual and palpable crumbling, the reduction of form, decay made manifest. The disassembly of an idea or an ideal (either through lapse or calculated erasure) strikes a more powerful chord than the essential concept of impermanence, for, shrouded in the enamels of time, which compose the riverine flow of static eternity, it acquires both the hefty presence of history and the regressive lightness of subtraction. They are stretched past recognition between mass and frailty, throng and silence. Faded cities – or the burnt shadows thereof – get increasingly verbose about all they’ve seen and at the same time more inscrutable with every passing grain of sand. Read the rest of this entry »