For my wandering right eye


During the months of this year that the blog was on hiatus, I gallivanted. In South Asia especially, the mill of current films is impossible to escape, seen all around in advertisements, on bus video screens, or in songs blaring from the sound systems of souped-up rickshaws. These pictures are from the trail of impressions of local visual cultures in some of the places I went; these are the faces that stay on, memorably.

Poster for the Bhojpuri film ‘Aaj Ke Karan Arjun’

Janakpur, Nepal

Poster for the Chinese film ‘Under the Sky of Ürümqi’

Printed in Uyghur, English and Chinese

Kashgar, China

Poster for the Pashto film ‘Zakham’ featuring Jahangir Khan…

Peshawar, Pakistan

…who gets reborn as folk-art on the back of an autorickshaw.

The traces of a Uyghur variety show seen on a bus’ t.v. –

Xinjiang, China


2 Responses to “For my wandering right eye”

  1. Mary Ann said

    Fascinating! Another view of a world we hear about only in other terms. Please write more about your travels.

  2. hgerechter said

    Posters were everywhere, of course, but we never knew enough to make sense of them. Great to read about them from someone who knows…

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