South Korea / 1967 / Korean

Directed by Kim Soo-yong

With Shin Sung-il, Yoon Jung-hee, Lee Bin-hwa

Still from 'Mist'Still something of a jigsaw assemblage in the lengthy wake of  a ruinous civil war, South Korea is hard at work pulling itself up by its (roughly 60 million) bootstraps. And within the womb-like confines of its bulbous economic miracle sits a man named Yun Gi-jun, a Seoul office worker permanently beholden to a wife who is the daughter of a wealthy industrialist. While she pulls the strings of the affluence they have together, he dutifully fulfills his role as husband, mainly because there has to be a husband in the picture. Strangely it is she who suggests, one day, that he return to his natal town, the notoriously unremarkable Mu-Jin, a place that gets enveloped, with depressing regularity, by an opaque fog. Read the rest of this entry »