The Whole Sky


India / 1969 / Hindi

Directed by Basu Chatterjee

With Rakesh Pandey, Madhu Chakravarty, Nandita Thakur

Still from 'The Whole Sky'The camera tracks quickly through the roads and galis of an old city, as brick and lettering, bulls and bicycles stream rapidly by. Things are compressed, almost to abstraction, in a long lens that seems¬†about to abruptly halt and pull focus on one of the many lives contained in the narrow doorways. Intercut is a picture of the Taj Mahal, an ironic rectangle of tranquility that must be on another planet entirely. Once this bracing experience has subsided, we are at once flung violently into the harassed mind of Samar, a young college student who is entering into an arranged marriage. It is possibly the last thing on Earth that he would have chosen for himself. Read the rest of this entry »