Abuse of Weakness


France / 2013 / French

Directed by Catherine Breillat

With Isabelle Huppert, Kool Shen, Christophe Sermet

Still from 'Abuse of Weakness'There is a scene early in The Abuse of Weakness when Maude, a middle-aged film director recently felled by a brain hemorrhage, is asked by one of her doctors to draw a picture of a clock face. The left side of her own face droops, that entire side of her body having “died”, as she puts it. She draws half of a circle, and fills in the numbers, 1 through 6. But then she’s unable to finish the drawing; the left side of it remains blank. The metaphor of the half-clock persists throughout the film, branding its incomplete figure upon Maude’s life following her stroke. Read the rest of this entry »