The Mountain


Taiwan / 2015 / Mandarin, Japanese & Truku

Directed by Su Hong-en

Still from 'The Mountain'

His body wound tight from a lifetime of labor/hunting/farming – like a spool of wire with a tough membrane of skin seemingly melted on – the old man walks on his haunches plucking weeds in a vegetable patch. Behind him sits a vast jungle, a dense screen of leaves whose invisible paths he knows intimately. One can almost visualize the similarly deep and formidable immensity of time rising behind him, even as he looks down at the plants in the sodden earth. While it is the land he has always known, it has gone through several changes of identity over the years, which could explain the frequently distressed look we see on his face, not one of puzzlement or the confusion of senility, but a sort of harrowing sadness, like someone powerlessly watching his house burn to the ground in slow motion. Read the rest of this entry »