Sri Lanka / 1984 / Sinhala

Directed by Dharmasiri Bandaranayake

With Swarna Mallawarachchi, Cyril Wickramage, Somi Ratnayake

Still from 'Woman in a Whirlpool'The beautiful coloring of a snake – the diamond backs, the coral stripes – are self-defense just as much as they are an aid in killing. The two skill sets are often related. Killing is adaptive, a means of survival, and just like other organisms, people are often pushed by their surroundings to do the same. Woman in a Whirlpool, not plying us with visual poetry or statements about love and sacrifice, illustrates the inherent brutality of survival. Without pontificating on the subject or brooding over its implications, it casts its keen, voracious eyes over a human landscape as desiccated as the unforgiving outback that surrounds it. Read the rest of this entry »


Solar System


Germany & Argentina / 2011 / Kolla

Directed by Thomas Heise

Still from 'Solar System'Stillness is a form of motion. Even when things aren’t moving, they are moving – that’s one of the dullest platitudes and most amazing paradoxes of our being on a planetary orbit. Let’s look at another paradox, along the same lines: digital cinematography presents us with absolute stillness as film cannot replicate; its illusion of stillness is matchless. Aside from the occasional torrents of grain silting up in low light, inertia is a perennial condition of digital recording. It getsĀ carte blanche in contemporary cinema. Read the rest of this entry »