USA / 1987 / English

Directed by Gordon Parks

Gordon Parks, untitled, Harlem (1948)Through Moments Without Proper Names, Gordon Parks surveys his career in an attempt, as he puts it, “to look back through an autumn mind” – where things are crisp and clear. But this isn’t just ‘a life in pictures’; here Parks’ photos, music and poetry blend together, none of those elements remaining entirely distinct. They play off of and reflect one another in various lights, telling his story in aggregate. Read the rest of this entry »

Chile / 1976 / Spanish

Directed by Silvio Caiozzi

With Felipe Rabat, Juan Cristóbal Meza, Shlomit Baytelman

Still from 'Julio Begins in July'Young Julio, ‘Julito,’ a boy a few days shy of his fifteenth birthday, sleeps a tortured sleep. He lives in a big mansion that is like a Catholic house of horrors, on a sprawling ranch to which he is heir. A seemingly infinite corridor of portraits of forebears extends away from him. In another room, his grandmother lies on her deathbed, surrounded by murmured prayers. She gets carried, still in her chair, downstairs, followed by a crowd of nuns who always think the moment of death is upon her, and take her to the chapel for last rites. Every time, though, she continues to live. Read the rest of this entry »

Liar’s Dice


India / 2013 / Hindi & Kinnauri

Directed by Geetu Mohandas

With Geetanjali Thapa, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Manya Gupta

Still from 'Liar's Dice'In a border region, white peaks rise all around whose scale can scarcely be described. They seem untouched by people, until you see prayer flags fluttering in the constant, powdery gusts. Occasionally, along the muddy roads below, there will be a small village of wooden houses, some with roofs of slate and some with roofs tin. Kamala lives in one of these villages, more a small collection of families than a community with infrastructure of its own, surrounded by a glacial amphitheater. The air is pure, the mountains clean. But to her these things have always been there, merely backdrop to shoveling snow, washing clothes in the icy water, caring for her small daughter, Manya. And waiting. She is one of the untold number of anonymous women who wait, quietly and uncertainly, for husbands who left and may never return. Read the rest of this entry »

Netherlands / 1999 / Chechen, Russian & English

Directed by Jos de Putter

Still from 'The Making of a New Empire'A man stands on an enormous pile of rubble, backgrounded by mountains blanketed by clouds so thick that it’s unclear if they originate from the sky or the ground. Is this some ancient citadel, left to deteriorate in the North Caucasus wilderness, or a more recent shell of a building destroyed by the war with Russia? The man patrols the crumbled walls as though waiting for a distant enemy to return, and the shining white dome of a new-looking mosque peeks out in the left of the frame. This image seems to sum up Chechnya, yesterday and today, the eagerness to cover over what has been destroyed, while at the same time being unable to recover what has been lost. Read the rest of this entry »