Short essays (21)

An Ant in a Cathedral – Two Films by Stéphane Breton

The City From the Back of a Truck – A Look at Chadian Cinema Today

A Delicate Matter – Nomads, Wilderness, and the Soviet Mind

Every Creek and Rivulet – The New Deal Onscreen

Forest of Sand, Rivers of Bliss – Two From Fenz’s Lens

The Heated Love of the Mandrake – Three ‘Blind Owl’s

In Search of Revolution – The Indian New Wave Comes to Telangana

‘Journey to the West’ on Rewind – Two Films by Pema Tseden

Life Ridiculing Art – Kazuo Hara, Private Eye

Orcadian Rhythm – The Poetic Cinema of Margaret Tait

People of the Dawn – Chinese Cinema Looks at Ethnic Minorities

Radius and Tangent – Approximately Seven Films by Claudio Caldini

Ragged Edge of Eden – Three Films by Jana Ševcíková

Sleepwalking Through the Mekong – Marguerite Duras, From Page to Screen

Stones Into Seedlings – Three From Benegal’s Middle Period

Stories Drawn in Rust – Wang Bing’s West of the Tracks Trilogy

The Sun and the Last Star Have Burned out – The Black Art of Aldo Tambellini

The Surrogate and His Double – Four Early Documentaries by Alain Resnais

Traits de Lumière – A Cinematographer’s Guide to Paris

Tunnel Visions – Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer in Sanrizuka

The Vermilion Smear’d – A Look at Basu Bhattacharya’s 70s Work

Film journal (146)

Abuse of Weakness (France, 2013)

Adoption (Hungary, 1975)

After the Curfew (Indonesia, 1954)

Agrarian Utopia (Thailand, 2009)

Anchoress (UK, 1993)

Apanjan (India, 1968)

Ashes and Embers (USA, 1982)

Avetik (Germany, 1992)

Ballast (USA, 2008)

Bastardy (Australia, 2008)

Le Beau Mariage (France, 1982)

Cairo Station (Egypt, 1958)

Career (East Germany, 1971)

The Castle of Purity (Mexico, 1972)

Chidambaram (India, 1985)

Children of God (South Korea, 2009)

A City of Sadness (Taiwan, 1989)

Clay Dolls (Tunisia, 2002)

Cousin Jules (France, 1972)

Crimson Sunset (Iceland, 1977)

Dancing in the Rain (Yugoslavia, 1961)

The Day Shall Dawn (Pakistan, 1959)

Death in the Garden (France, 1956)

Defying Everybody (Soviet Union, 1972)

Doomed Love (Portugal, 1978)

A Door to the Sky (Morocco, 1989)

Dreams of the City (Syria, 1984)

Drôle de Drame (France, 1937)

Elsewhere (Austria, 2001)

Even Red Can Be Sad (India, 2015)

The Exiles (USA, 1961)

The Fall (Switzerland, 1972)

The Fear (Greece, 1966)

The Fifth Gospel of Kaspar Hauser (Spain, 2013)

First Steps Ashore (Japan, 1932)

Forest of Bliss (USA, 1985)

Forest of the Hanged (Romania, 1964)

48 (Portugal, 2009)

From the East (Belgium, 1993)

Ghost Dance (UK, 1983)

A Girl in Summer (Portugal, 1986)

Good Bye (Iran, 2011)

A Grin Without a Cat (France, 1977)

The Guerilla Fighter (India, 1973)

Handsworth Songs (UK, 1986)

Hard to Be a God (Russia, 2013)

Hester Street (USA, 1975)

Hour of the Star (Brazil, 1985)

The House Is Black (Iran, 1962)

The Hunt (Spain, 1966)

I Am Cuba, the Siberian Mammoth (Brazil, 2005)

Ice on Fire (Sri Lanka, 1991)

In Bloom (Georgia, 2013)

In Camera (India, 2010)

In Custody (India, 1993)

In the Fog (Belarus, 2012)

Intruder in the Dust (USA, 1949)

Iron Earth, Copper Sky (Turkey, 1987)

Jack Smith and the Destruction of Atlantis (USA, 2006)

Johanna d’Arc of Mongolia (West Germany, 1989)

Ju Dou (China, 1990)

Julio Begins in July (Chile, 1976)

Karamay (China, 2009)

Kuroneko (Japan, 1968)

Liar’s Dice (India, 2013)

Limite (Brazil, 1931)

Losing Ground (USA, 1982)

Lust for Gold (Romania, 1974)

Madeinusa (Peru, 2006)

Make Way for Tomorrow (USA, 1937)

The Making of a New Empire (Netherlands, 1999)

Manakamana (USA, 2013)

Manufactured Landscapes (Canada, 2006)

The May Lady (Iran, 1998)

Me Without You (UK, 2001)

Memories of Underdevelopment (Cuba, 1968)

Men Don’t Cry (Soviet Union, 1968)

Mirage (Peru, 1972)

Mist (South Korea, 1967)

Moments Without Proper Names (USA, 1987)

The Mongols (Iran, 1973)

Mother Joan of the Angels (Poland, 1961)

The Mountain (Taiwan, 2015)

Mountain Patrol (China, 2004)

Los Muertos (Argentina, 2004)

Mysteries of Lisbon (Portugal, 2010)

The Navigators (UK, 2001)

Never Let Go (UK, 1960)

The Night Before the Strike (South Korea, 1990)

The Night of Counting the Years (Egypt, 1969)

No Man’s Land (Portugal, 2012)

Nostalgia for the Light (Chile, 2010)

Nothing but a Man (USA, 1964)

Octubre (Peru, 2010)

A Peck on the Cheek (India, 2002)

People From the Train (Poland, 1961)

Peppermint Candy (South Korea, 1999)

Pickpocket (Sri Lanka, 2001)

The Plea (Soviet Union, 1967)

A Prophet (France, 2009)

Radio On (UK, 1980)

Rapado (Argentina, 1992)

Rat-Trap (India, 1982)

Recollections of the Yellow House (Portugal, 1989)

Rice People (Cambodia, 1994)

The Ritual (India, 1977)

Rodrigo D: No Future (Colombia, 1990)

Sambizanga (Angola, 1972)

Scrap Heap (Senegal, 1997)

The Secret of the Grain (France, 2007)

Shape of the Moon (Netherlands, 2005)

The Sky Turns (Spain, 2004)

Slow Action (UK, 2010)

Solar System (Germany, 2011)

Songs From the North (USA, 2014)

Spiritual Voices (Russia, 1995)

Spring in a Small Town (China, 1948)

Spring Night, Summer Night (USA, 1967)

Stone Mountain (USA, 2005)

The Stuart Hall Project (2013)

Sweetgrass (USA, 2009)

Taiga (Germany, 1992)

Takva (Turkey, 2006)

The Third Sex (West Germany, 1957)

The Thoughts That Once We Had (USA, 2015)

A Thousand Suns (France, 2013)

Times Square (USA, 1980)

To Be Twenty in the Aures (France, 1972)

Treeless Mountain (South Korea, 2008)

Tropical Malady (Thailand, 2004)

Vacas (Spain, 1992)

Vagabond (France, 1985)

Vera Drake (UK, 2004)

Vidas Secas (Brazil, 1963)

Violence at Noon (Japan, 1966)

What Has Happened to this City? (India, 1986)

The White Dove (Czechoslovakia, 1960)

The Whole Sky (India, 1969)

Whores’ Glory (Austria, 2011)

Woman in a Whirlpool (Sri Lanka, 1984)

Wooden Knife (Paraguay, 2010)

Yeelen (Mali, 1987)

Yes (UK, 2004)

You Are Not an Orphan (Soviet Union, 1963)

Zigeunerweisen (Japan, 1980)

Book review (1)

Arthur Nolletti, Jr. – The Cinema of Gosho Heinosuke: Laughter Through Tears

Pictorial essays (2)

Curved Platform Station: Seeing Madrid From Below

Siphon Cinema: A Journey Through Coffee

Travels (1)

For my wandering right eye

Event (1)

January 21st, 2012 – Light Reading: Views and Wavelengths

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